Bog art

by Bog art



released December 3, 2012

Achilles Ill - Vocals, Bass
Pan Trikatsoulas - Electric Guitar
Marios Gampierakis - Drums

Recorded live in the studio.
Produced by Alex Bolpasis



all rights reserved


Bog art Athens, Greece

Bog art is an eclectic and ever evolving trio, experimenting openly in different directions, writing and recording their songs of love, hate and everything that is hidden between the lines.

Some times they insist that their style belongs to a musical genre they themselves define as "container rock"...
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Track Name: Into your Head
Into your Head

I can walk like Christ on water
I can balance on a leaf
I can touch you from a distance
I can offer you relief

I can walk your dog at midnight
I can win your dad at chess
I can giver you hands of silver
Drive you safely through this mess

I can pray to God for your sake
I can preach that he’s not dead
I can take your God a picture
But I can’t get into your head

I can shrink my human body
I can be a giant strong
I can drink the sea for nothing
I can bring my mom along

I can give you stars for cover
I can weave a net of love
I can built a house of ashes
I can train your stupid dog

I can be the one you waited
I can fill your double bed
I can take you on a rainbow
But I can’t get into your head.

I can find you pills for sorrow
I can help you to forget
I can paint my body purple
I can resurrect your pet

I can persuade the Devil
I can make him sign a debt
I can free my soul forever
From the vows I should have kept

I can call your folks on Sundays
I can surely paint your rent
I can buy a flat in Heaven
But I can’t get into your head.
Track Name: Roses (The Icy Game of Reason)
Roses (The Icy Game of Reason)

Roses bloom and roses decay
Will you remember the roses after today?
When their fragrance is gone
Will their memory stay

The garden is full
You look so gay
Dancing on flowers showing or feeling no pain
Though under your feet
Hurt and broken they lay

The gardener is dead
He’s gone away
Sad it may seem but it’s true like the sunny ray
That caresses your face on this morning of May

It’s the icy game of reason
Rolling to stay
Try moving the pieces
They’re freezing and grey
Fingers burn melting to open your way
Just keep on smiling
Show it’s ok

Carefree you move, on through the rain
Wrapped in your coat of light, ambition and praise
The drops will fall and melt your armour of clay

Roses bloom and roses decay
Who will remember the roses after today?
When their fragrance is gone
Will their memory stay
Track Name: The Scratch

I know some people up on a hill,
they're only waiting, waiting there until
They hear a voice, up from the sky,
calling their name, before they go and die
I know there's gonna be some trouble
I know, their God's gone away!

I know a man down by a lake,
sitting watching as water mirrors break
His eyes are dry, he's really old,
been waiting there forever I'm told
I hear big wave a-growling
I hear it's roaring like a crowd!

I know some children deep in the woods, they're playing games to heal away their wounds
Their smiles are sharp, their eyes are wild, I feel their teeth biting on my hide
Well, I hear dreams like water boiling
I hear their hearts beating loud!

I hear a voice inside my head scratching my skull with each and every name
Of all that's lost and lost in vain,
I hit the lights I se no god to blame
I hear, wind of change a-blowing
I hear a thunder on the run!
Track Name: Worms

Did you ever think, as a hearse went by
That you might be the next to die.

They wrap you in a big white sheet
And bury you under 6 feet deep.

They put you in a big black box
And cover you up with dirt and rocks

And all goes well for about a week
But then the coffin begins to leak

Then worms crawl in and worms crawl out
the ones that crawl in are lean and thin
The ones that crawl out are fat and stout
Your eyes fall in your teeth fall out
Your brain comes tumbling down your snout

Be merry my friend, be merry

A great big worm with rolling eyes,
Crawls in your stomach and out of your eyes,
Your stomach turns a slimy green,
And pus pours out like whipping cream.

And worms crawl in and the worms crawl out
the ones that crawl in are lean and thin
The ones that crawl out are fat and stout
Your eyes fall in your teeth fall out
Your brain comes tumbling down your snout

You hair it falls, your teeth decay
And that’s the end of another peaceful day
Track Name: Waltz of Change
Waltz of parting

I’m at the turning point, watching my feet nailed to the ground
Gonna take that jump, start again feeling alive
Tired of fooling around, pretending in shame I don’t mind
When every little thing inside me screams: get out run and somehow find…

The road, the road back to the Garden
The one you left when you were just a child

There are streets you can walk on
and there are streets where you only run
There are clouds in the sky, but all the rain's inside your eyes
I got no answers, you know, I'm just setting up the riddles, messing with the pieces until I fall

You say "a rose is ALWAYS a rose"
You know, sometimes, a rose can be JUST a rose
There are always two paths and truth desolves into whiskey
I'm thirsty, but I don't know what for...

I stand at the porch of a cave I ‘ve built with my own hands
and I hear a strange noise,
Like the the breaking of rules and toys, my toys
I thought I had buried them deep so many many years ago
But it seems they were digging and working their way like worms

Those laboring worms

I ‘ll flow away, like a river
There are more ways than one to the sea
I carry stones drunk in burning fever
As I try to save, save myself from me
Track Name: Nine Pound Hammer
Nine Pound Hammer

This nine pound hammer is a little too heavy
for my size buddy for my size
Roll on buddy don't you roll so slow
How can I roll when the wheels won't roll

I'm goin' back to the mountain just to see my baby
ain't a comin' back NO I ain't a comin' back

There ain’t no hammer down in this tunnel
That can ring like mine that can ring like mine
It rings like silver it shines like gold
It rings like silver it shines like gold

This old hammer it killed John Henry
Ain’t gonna kill me Ain’t gonna kill me

It's a long way to Hazzard and a long way to Harlan Town
I'm goin' to see my baby and I’m going to pull her down

(Nine Pound Hammer is a traditional bluegrass song. Its roots go back as far as 1891 and tells a story stained with blood, dust and love. This is Bog art's version, taken from the band's recent recording sessions)
Track Name: Sail on
Sail On

The ship is ready to leave the harbor
Carrying sorrows of a life not long
Sail to an island without a shore, or hope
With a captain who` s right, but always does wrong

And over waves that rise I think about my self

A smooth wind keeps on blowing
Hardly able for a decent push
Not the faintest idea of where it’s gonna cruise
Gaining a distance it will only loose

As the knot go by I think about my home

And I feel like a fish in the heart of ocean blue
What can I do to make things happen
I move around chasing my tail it` s true
But with high hopes of light my teeth I sharpen

And with my children’s bones I get to comb my hair

Come little fishes bite and break your watery cage
Children of Neptune side-by-side swim
Built an army let wild keepers rage

And move like a wave . an avalanche of love
Track Name: The Crack
The Crack

A big crack opens its arms
The floor welcomes the change with a bend
I may be the cause or even the victim
Of blows I gave with my empty hand

I watch the lines spreading below me
Looking for secrets buried down deep
I watch the lines taking over
Drinking my light sip by sip

Now I am a crack
Revealing the empty
Heart that you hold
And help you unfold
A crack I am
A crack left to vanish
From head to my feet
Your absolute guilt

Piercing now piercing, piercing my brain
The truth about lies No tears in my eyes
I stretch and I shout twisting my body
Dark as a crow. Just watch me go

I split and I rise from wall to wall
Trembling heart line covering all
I spread and I rise from wall tο wall
Tearing in pieces the room of my soul
Track Name: River
Life is a river flowing to the sea
It may be muddy, or crystal clear
But ends up to the sea
That some call death and some release

Sometimes I feel like swimming
I swear, I feel like swimming there
When I need to rest and my soul cries for air
Then warm looks the water, inviting the wave

I met an old man
When I was young and searched for gold
On a cloud he rode
And his voice was calm and warm
He looked like the devil but sounded like God

He said
“don’t let the salty waters scare you
and don’t you worry about the mud
you know, the sea awaits for you
the sea is working fine
And you’ll get there anyway, but in time”