by Bog art



"Insidecide", Bog art' s second album, was recorded live in the studio in about eight hours, and it captures the many faces and unique sound of an eclectic and hard to categorize band.

Picking elements from different musical genres, guided by honest love for everything that is true, original and should be brought to light, Bog art create songs that combine poetry and rock ' n roll in equally explosive doses.


released November 30, 2015

Achilles Ill - Vocals, Bass
Panos Trikatsoulas - Electric Guitar
Marios Gampierakis - Drums

Words: Achilles III
Music: Bog art

Engineered/Mixed by Alex Bolpasis
Produced by Alex Bolpasis & Bog art, and mastered by George Priniotakis at Artracks Studios in Athens, Greece.

Artwork by Marios Gampierakis



all rights reserved


Bog art Athens, Greece

Bog art is an eclectic and ever evolving trio, experimenting openly in different directions, writing and recording their songs of love, hate and everything that is hidden between the lines.

Some times they insist that their style belongs to a musical genre they themselves define as "container rock"...
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Track Name: Broken
I got a broken bed and a broken back
My head is broken and so is my luck
I got broken toys and a broken car
Got a fallen star in a broken jar

Broken future it smells like past
Broken teeth and broken trust
I got a broken sun that shines through cracks
A broken neck and a voice that barks:
“I’m here for you”

I’m a fool on a hill
Try and guess how I feel
Out of place, out of time out of will

Broken china and a broken Spain
Broken home, Ι live in a train
I got a broken watch and moments run
Got a broken phone and I’ll call no one

Broken shell inside I crawl
With my twisted rock and my shaking roll
I got a heart that bleeds day and night
Moving slowly out of sight
I’m here for you

How I roll down the slop
Like a lost childish hope
Full of riddles and cracks

You can lean on me
Just, lean on me
Lean on me
Track Name: Fake Diamonds
Hold your man against the sun
Through him the sky is falling down
So small and empty love,
Like a fake diamond in a crown

Take a closer look at him
Your smile will turn into a frown
His glory withers like the grass
He’s a fake diamond in a crown

In broken mirrors I’ll appear
As you’re trying on your wedding gown
Touch the glass and find it cold
Like a fake diamond in a crown

Keep throwing golden coins
In a fountain full of rust
Your wishes melt in the mud
I’m a man you can not trust
I’m only made of fire and sand
I’m only made of fire and sand
Don’t let me let you down
I’m only made of fire and sand
I’m a fake diamond in a crown

Like a feather made of lead
I’m standing here, safe and sound
Wild winds blow hard and try their best
But it’s late for me to turn around
It took me long before I found
We’re all fake diamonds in a crown
We’re all fake diamonds
Track Name: Inspite of the Devil
Come on now, I think it’s time
To leave your home, and come to mine
Have no fear, I mean no harm
Take off your dress, and hold my hand

I’ll give you hope, keep you warm
Right through the night, and into the storm
Just walk inside, I know it’s dark
But, you must fell blind to see the light

No dirty thoughts, we got enough
No playing tricks, or hiding stuff
I’ve built a maze, crystal clear
Stay calm, stay near

In spite of the devil
In spite of the devil
In spite of the devil, I’ve come to take you home

I count your ribs, using my tongue
I move in a place where I don’t belong
I feel your heart knocking on my chest
But I’m not the house lord, I’m just a guest

We’ll climb on the bed, crawl on the floor
Fight like snakes, and once more
I’ll tell you the story of the wave and the shore
I see you’re locking the door

In spite of the devil
In spite of the devil
In spite of the devil, I’ve come to take you home
Track Name: Black Hole Eyes
Sometimes I think I see two black holes in your eyes
Sucking everything your words fail to hide
Broken promises, mistakes and last goodbyes
Lost forever in a tunnel of your mind

I feel so cold at night without you by my side
Like sleeping in the desert under a sheet of ice
I built a castle of sand and crawl inside
Protect myself from your black hole eyes

I hold a mirror, you hold a rusty nail
Making circles on reflections of a smile
You draw a halo and wear it on my head
And then you smile, as I sigh

I know the truth but lies taste so sweet
The moon is full like a hole up in the sky
I lay your body down trembling on my feet
I bend over you and close your black hole eyes

I have no skin and my body
Is wide open to the beating of the wind
Every piece of dust can make me feel
It’s too late to croon so I howl at the moon
Track Name: Miracle Man
She keeps staring at my hand
See it’s empty, empty like your bed, you don’t understand
I got bunnies that bite
In the darkness of silk hats they hide, and make plans out of sight

I’m a miracle man.
I can turn off the sun
I’ll present my show if you want to know
In the end I will only make you run

Have no worries about
All the lepers dancing, dancing around round, round making no sound
I can take all their pain
Turn it into a fiery golden chain, then disappear in the rain

I’m a miracle man.
Though, my work isn’t done.
I can rearrange every holy page
I can fold it and give you a paper swan

I’d be only a fool
If I swimmed like a shark in your pool, breaking no rule
You keep turning your back
Then appear every time you’re out of luck, still I’ don’t give a fuck!

I’m a miracle man.
And I know what you’ve done
I will twist your soul, I will break your fall
I will be all the things you hate to love
Track Name: The Heart Of The City
I can hear the heart of the city, the throbbing cry of flesh machines pumping,
I hear them bark like dogs out of rhythm, lost in a race, chasing their tails till they drop dead on the floor,
like broken down engines, heavy and slow, sad like a crow on a visit to Edgar Allan Poe.

A rap on my door and your eyes wear me out,
Like they scratch all they see
I sink in a dream I feel dizzy,
So dizzy, I can’t go back.

I can hear the heart of the city, behind windows all shut, waiting for change just to happen,
lazy and fat, still beating, empty inside on a carousel ride, they think they’re fooling time running out, doing nothing at all like a porcelain doll whining that “Life is unfair”.

Life is unfair ‘cause most of you don’t care,
You just stare while beauty is dying
I’m trapped inside the skin of a black sheep,
Like a wolf away from the pack.

So, I hear the heart of the city and I hang my head low, it’s heavy and slow, full of answers humming inside like worried little insects, that scream and bite and reach to the light till they burn, and never return…
Track Name: Kind of Green
You give me love
Play with my mind
You Jekyll me, until I Hyde
You are so kind

You hold my hand
Out in the rain
then wipe the tears the sky does shed
You are so kind

You’re dripping lust
Oh, honey sweet
Until I’m stuck inside your pit
You are so kind

With the sweetest voice, you call my name
And when I come, you drill my brain
With needles long, you feed me lies
And use your breast to mute my cries, my cries
You are so kind

My precious one, my blue eyed rat
My frozen sun, my empty heart
Your teeth are sharp, but marble white
Behind a smile, they seem to hide

You are so kind
Track Name: I Νeed Υou
More than nicotine, more than wine, more than dirty dreams of mine, I
More than coffee, more than sleep, more than eyes that softly weep, I
More than wishes, more than hope, melting in a spoon like dope, I
More than G-d with hair of silver, though under empty skies I shiver, I

I need you, you know I do
I need you, girl I do

More than space, more than time, more than words that rhyme with crime, I
More than corners where to hide, on my way some peace to find of mind

I need you, you know I do
I need you, I really, really I do

I need you

And your voice, slips through my window, like a rope of words
I climb and climb, like a monkey, out of the blue, coming to you

More than sugar on my tongue, more than right or even wrong, I
More than a leather couch to rest, more than ink in a rorschach test, I

I need you, I need you, I need you, I really, really

More than lies, more than truth, over shadows of my youth, I
More than honey from your hive, more than pain to feel alive, I

I need you…
Track Name: The Turning Game
Different directions we seem to take
In a carton box shaped into a city
Failing to meet, in pieces we break
A puzzle of stories, to celebrate pity

I go to the left you turn on your right
Eyes on the floor, black-grey tiles
Separate bedrooms and pillows that bite
Leaving red scars, visible for miles

Different roads we seem to choose
For no good reason, of no good will
We’re picking and picking an old healed bruise
Secretly hoping it can still make us feel alive or just caring

I go to the left you turn on your right
The walls are smiling, waiting for us
The end seems to come, no matter how hard we try
Each in his own way, as we fight to avoid the final crash

Then I’ll go to Paris, free like a stray dog
You’ll end up in Istanbul, a whirling dervish
Spinning and turning we’re both right and wrong
Two absurd phrases that, when put together,
They seem to make some sense